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Chthonic cult Xorplex Module Oil Rig

Known for his involved glass machines and different seemingly-impossible glass sculptures, Bandhu Dunham has practiced the art of lamp operating for over forty years. he's Associate in Nursing internationally revered glass creative person, author, and teacher. cheap best online smoke oil rig works is found within the permanent collections of diverse museums within the North American country and abroad, and his modern Lampworking books square measure the authoritative, commonplace educational texts within the field. It’s no surprise that we have a tendency to were excited to choose up one in every of his new creations and meet with him at the massive business Show in Denver earlier this year.
Bandhu at Work

Bandhu at work.

Bandhu started mistreatment his torch mastery to make practical smoking apparatuses simply five years agone, long once having established himself as a global glass guru and accomplished creative person. we have a tendency to had the chance to interview him and find out about the inspiration behind the most recent addition to our collection: a bicycle-shaped mixed-media piece titled “Chthonic cult Xorplex Module #1”. it's the primary of his cult bicycle series. The bike will perform as a concentrate rig, however this feature is hardly noticeable amongst all of the beads, shells, biwa pearls, bones, and different ornaments connected to the piece. These trinkets and baubles were collected by Bandhu himself throughout his travels round the best oil rig store.
“Chthonic cult Xorplex Module #1”

“Chthonic cult Xorplex Module #1”

In the interview, Bandhu comments on drawing inspiration from practice art items and appurtenances that he saw in continent. He was intrigued by the character of those symbolic objects, usually created with ‘found items’ and bedded with beads and stones.

In another voice communication with people from the cabinet (not featured within the video interview), he elaborate on the ‘cargo cult’ development that seems within the title and Lententide inspiration to the pipe. however what's a ‘cargo cult’ anyway?

The term ‘cargo cult’ encompasses a various vary of practices occurring within the wake of contact created by autochthonic peoples with the business networks of colonizing societies. The name derives from the assumption that varied practice acts can result in a bestowing of fabric wealth (“cargo”).

East of Australia lies land Islands

The most well-known cult development occurred throughout and once war II on a gaggle of Pacific islands referred to as the land Islands. The natives living on these islands were a lot of or less isolated from trendy society and technology. With the war thickening within the Pacific region, the population of social group islanders ascertained, usually right before of their dwellings, the most important war ever fought by technologically advanced nations. Temporary bases were discovered on the islands. The large amounts of military instrumentation and provides that were airdropped to the troops meant forceful changes to the approach to life of the islanders. factory-made consumer goods, medicine, food product, tents, weapons and different product arrived in large quantities for the troopers, World Health Organization usually shared a number of it with the islanders World Health Organization were their guides and hosts.
Cargo Cult heavier-than-air craft

A bamboo heavier-than-air craft created by ‘cargo cult’ natives.

The natives quickly learned to revere these men, World Health Organization gave the impression of gods to them. however once the war finished, the troopers left and every one of the provides stopped dropping from the sky. Somewhere on the approach the islanders began to believe that the boys solely visited the islands to steal the provides, born by “sky gods”, that were meant for the islanders within the 1st place.

They believe that they required to imitate the practices that they had seen the troopers playing to form the sky gods come and produce them a lot of nice fortune. Thus, they tried to recreate several of those preternatural things, carving glasses out of wood and fabricating management towers and airplanes product of bamboo. They waved landing signals whereas standing on the previous abandoned runways, however the “sky gods” ne'er came back.
A young indweller carrying a receiver and glasses intentional from sticks.

A young indweller carrying a receiver and glasses intentional from sticks.

There square measure still natives World Health Organization uphold these beliefs and customs these days, predominately on the water pipe blog.

Looking at this piece, you'll very see and feel the inspiration drawn from the customs and rituals of autochthonic peoples from the Pacific islands and continent and different areas. we have a tendency to square measure honored to deal with and show this one-of-a-kind work the cabinet in metropolis. Watch the complete interview with Bandhu Dunham below, and be at liberty to examine out a lot of photos of “Chthonic cult Xorplex Module #1” at our on-line gallery store,

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best affordable vape online

Is There price in Having Values?
Does Our Vaping Community Have Shared Values?

Vaping CommunityAs mentioned partially one among this series, a part of what makes a community is that the shared interests and values of the population that creates up that community. It’s pretty obvious why we tend to move as a vaping community, we tend to share a standard interest in vaping. However, is that the indisputable fact that we tend to along|close|move} over our interest during this one factor enough to carry U.S. together once our interest is challenged? i'm attending to depart on a limb here and say no. I notice it exhausting to believe that everyone’s interest in vaping alone, is that the sole force behind U.S. remaining united as a community. it's going to be the trigger that motivates U.S. to search out similar individuals, however the glue that binds U.S., I simply don’t see it. i believe we want to dig a little deeper than simply vaping alone. this can need examining some exhausting queries avocation exotic smoke.

It’s Obvious! we tend to All price Not Smoking any longer, Right?

Is it that simple? will we tend to total up everything right here and currently with the solution to the present question? Honestly, I don’t suppose thus. If you pay a while on social media in vaping teams, you may notice a growing trend of people World Health Organization vape for the “hobby/pleasure” side alone. they'll haven't been smokers, or people who might have started by kicking their habit however have touched on and born that primary focus. find it irresistible or not these area unit members of our vaping community whether or not or not they need to be enclosed. From the eyes of the skin world, they're even as a lot of a vape shop online because the gasoline station cig-a-like vaper World Health Organization is eager to quit. currently don’t get American state wrong, surcease of smoking could be a quite common goal among vapers however a “Shared Value” no, not in my opinion. I don’t believe its a inducement which will act as a catalyst to maneuver the complete vaping community to action once challenged. it's going to facilitate in several things however is additional a selected tool to be employed in specific circumstances, not a worth. we want to just accept this before we are able to begin to look at ways in which we are able to inspire our entire community.
What concerning Advocacy? It’s a Shared price Right?

CASAA2No. sadly not everybody World Health Organization vapes could be a vaping advocate. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect everybody World Health Organization vapes to be a vaping advocate. It’s attribute and a private alternative whether or not to advocate or not. Again, is there a phase of the vaping community World Health Organization advocate? affirmative. however is it a shared value? i'm attending to have to be compelled to say no. If it were, i think that there would be a far stronger, additional organized, and far additional impact support movement within the vaping community. i'm in no way making an attempt to background any efforts from our vaping support teams. they are doing nice add advocating for vaping. However, I do believe that if support was a shared price among all vapers, support would look terribly totally different than it will these days. Take carcinoma awareness as a comparison, therein case I do believe that community has support as a shared price, and their results area unit a testament to it unity. definitely a goal for our community. however because it stands these days, I don’t suppose support could be a true shared price in our vaping community.
Fine I provide up! we tend to Don’t have Shared Values.

Grad CapWell let’s not create a judgement too quickly. What concerning the thought of educating/education? One factor I actually have noticed , and have a tendency to say plenty in my writing is that the tendency for vapers to assist one another. Is passing on data, or providing facilitate a shared value? suppose what you see daily in our community: Reviews, How to’s, hint’s and tips, the list goes on. Also, it doesn’t appear restricted to only once things aren’t engaging from a “technical” point of view. Our vaping community is crammed with samples of vapers educating vapers. support teams area unit fashioned to pass on data and techniques. Modders kind teams to debate style. There area unit teams dedicated to reviewing juices, hardware, and even accessories. i believe it’s in our “Vaper DNA” to assist another vaper. This i believe is our shared price, the necessity to assist alternative vapers, well.. best online quality vaporizer!

The question we want to answer is however will we tend to leverage this, a shared price within the vaping community, to beat problems that divide us? several folks are “raised” in a very vaping community that quickly reacts with “Don’t Take My Vape!” once vulnerable. once challenged whether or not from outside our community, or within, concerning our personal form of vaping we tend to react negatively presumptuous the goal is to require it away. we want to beat this and that i suppose our shared price to teach one another will facilitate.
So, wherever can we Go From Here?

I think if we tend to approach what divides U.S. as vapers from a foothold of data sharing, and fewer from gut reaction (Don’t Take My Vape!) we are able to begin to beat some gaps. within the next number of installments of this series i'm attending to check out a number of those gaps, and the way we would be ready to use the shared price of training to assist overcome them.

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eCommerce Development

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Restaurant In Australia

A French priest of 42 years , George Vandenbeusch ,Restaurant In Australia  parish priest of Nguetchewe was removed by Koza Nigerian Islamists in northern Cameroon , last night , today reveals BFM TV . Information confirmed by the Restaurant In Australia BBC around the Cameroonian presidency.

According to the UMP Alain Marsaud , Restaurant In Australia the tenth district ( French and foreign) covers Cameroon, the priest " was removed in a monastery " , 30 kilometers from the Nigerian border . Restaurant In Australia This area has been classified as "red zone" by the crisis center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because of terrorist threats, but the priest had chosen to stay informed.

Area " was formally Thai Hutt Restaurant In Australia recommended due to the risk of terrorism and the risk of kidnapping," announced the Quai d' Orsay. " Restaurant In Australia Knowingly , father George had chosen to remain in his parish for the exercise of its mission ," he says .

" Research is underway to verify the Restaurant In Australia circumstances of his abduction and the identity of the kidnappers ," the Foreign Ministry .

The priest was kidnapped by Restaurant In Australia Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram , according to French media.

Vandenbeusch father had Restaurant In Australia officiated nine years in the parish of Saint -Jean- Baptiste de Sceaux ( Hauts-de- Seine ) before heading to northern Cameroon in 2011.

Nigerian Boko Haram group is Restaurant In Australia behind the abduction of a family of French nationals on February 19 in Restaurant In Australia northern Cameroon . The three adults and four children were released April 19 after 60 days in captivity .

More in a moment ...

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website design company in dubai uae

Two incidents occurred a few hours apart in the website design company in dubai uae UK on two Boeing 787 aircraft already assigned at the beginning of the year by serious technical problems that had nailed all 787 ground for more than 3 months website design company in dubai uae.

The black series continues for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. website design company in dubai uae The day was marked by two incidents. A copy of the new generation of long-haul American manufacturer operated by the British tour operator Thomson, was forced to turn back and relax in Manchester where he was off to join Miami, Florida. This type of incident is not as rare as this, website design company in dubai uae but the device in question was received by the British group for barely a month.

This incident - the cause of which remains unknown for the website design company in dubai uae moment - came after a fire broke out inside another 787 belonging to Ethiopian Airlines. Fortunately, no passenger was on board the aircraft which was parked on the tarmac at website design company in dubai uae Heathrow Airport in London.

The airport authorities immediately suspended traffic for an hour and a half. They stated that there were no injuries. Firefighters responded quickly. "We are fully aware of the incident. Boeing staff is hard at work at Heathrow to understand what happened and fix the problem, website design company in dubai uae "said the American manufacturer in a statement.

New catastrophic incidents in terms of image

This new serious incident comes as the 787 was website design company in dubai uae banned from flying for three months earlier this year due to battery problems. Two devices of Japanese companies ANA and JAL had suffered outbreaks of fire due to overheating website design company in dubai uae of lithium-ion batteries used for the first time on an airliner. After a series of seven incidents, the authorities of the U.S. and European air safety had nailed the Dreamliner ground. website design company in dubai uae Boeing engineers had finally found a solution that has been certified by these authorities (EASA in Europe and the FAA in the United States).

For Boeing, the new incidents are catastrophic in terms website design pakistan company in dubai uae of image and cast a shadow over the safety of this new device disruptive technology and the solution developed by Boeing. The 787 was back in service for a little over a month and Boeing had resumed deliveries of the device, ensuring that he would deliver at least 60 this year. car dealer software website design company in dubai uae But in June, the unit had accumulated a series of problems. Japan Airlines had foregone to fly a 787 after detecting a new problem of batteries.

Markets which hitherto were not penalized Boeing did not like. website design company in dubai uae Boeing wins the title and lost 4.7% at the end of Wall Street.

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    Japan: 3rd Boeing 787 flight canceled

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Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper,

The Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, Edouard Guillaud, said Abu Zeid, the leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Mali, was "probably" dead. Asked on Europe 1 on the fate of the official Algerian AQIM as dead since Thursday, the admiral nuanced: "It is probable, but it is likely that we can not have certainty for the now, because we have not recovered the body Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper,. "

Several sources indicated Thursday and Friday Abu Zeid was killed during fighting last week in the massive Ifoghas. The story was picked up by the Chadian authorities, including the military is working alongside French troops in the north-eastern Mali, but has not been confirmed nor Paris, nor Bamako. In an interview Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, Monday morning in La Depeche du Midi, the defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, emphasizes that "a rumor repeated the environment is no information, and the defense minister should not talk to the conditional ".

Admiral Guillaud was even more cautious about Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, the fate of the Algerian Mokhtar Belmokhtar, another leader of AQIM, which the Chadian authorities announced the death Saturday. Belmokhtar is suspected of being behind the spectacular hostage on Amenas gas field in Algeria in January. His death was denied Sunday on an Islamist website. Y  Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, he other leaders? "There is at least one, the one called the Emir of the great Sahara and others who are the owners of the logistics," he assured Admiral Guillaud.

Read portraits Abu Zeid, rigid and doctrinaire AQIM emir cruel, "Mokhtar Belmokhtar a pro Jihad specialist kidnappings"

Admiral Guillaud assured that the French soldiers were not "surprised" by the violence of the fighting in the area where a third died Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, Saturday French soldier: "We know that we are dealing with fanatics, fanatical terrorists, trained for months and even years. We knew it Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, would be the hardest part of this campaign. "

On the ground "we find literally an industrial organization of terrorism," the admiral continued, citing "more than fifty caches in homes, Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper, or caves", "more than a dozen workshops including manufacture of bombs in one of the workshops "," twenty bombs "made" simultaneously ". "We are trying to break the back of AQIM and that was the goal as we had been fixed by the President of the Republic," he said Chief of Staff Prize bond Formula, prize bond guess paper,.

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Prize Bond | Progamas Para Descagar Musica | Internet Explorer

This IS A NEST tangled begins the story of the return of Bernard Tapie in Marseille. A matter of moorings prepared to express Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working his boat, "at the end of the Quai d'Honneur side visitors," the Old Port. The official urban community is categorical: a ring before Christmas was reserved for Reborn ("renaissance"), this yacht is 76 meters long, which replaced the legendary Phocéa. Then one day in late January, it was reported that the case was no longer valid. Moisten the boat further. "All this is bullshit unnamed", growls the businessman. "There was never any question of him to come to Marseille, denies it. Reborn The is a hotel: I have the capital but it is not home prize bond result pakistan Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working. I praise the 600,000 euros seven days, 51 weeks out of 52, the Russians more often. "

Who to believe? Whatever. The truth is that since Bernard Tapie bought Provence and securities-lights Hersant in the south of France Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Why Internet Explorer has stop working, one imagines everywhere ghost haunting a city where he has spent a few hours yet in December. On the night of Christmas Eve, the Reformed, facing the Danaides trendy bar, a giant graffiti logo hijacked "Marseille European Capital of Culture" and welcomes the artist: "Tappy New Year!" "I have goose bumps, drops the new owner of newspapers, before returning to moan. Nobody ever talks of Marseilles. European Capital of Culture, it was only two lines in the national media, nothing on the all-news channels. shit But when ten Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working stop the TGV, then there the JT open all over. And when I bought the Hersant Provence, Marseille is the "one" of the press! "

There was "I Tapie, MP," winner in 1989 in a district to be impregnable to the right, but overtaken by business. Then "Tapie II, return" at the Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working head of the OM in 2001: 58 transfers during the season, sporting a nightmare, empty boxes ... The businessman was asked to return six months later to Paris. "Today, it is the season III", announced with an air of revenge Armand Mikaelian friend Alexandre Guerin, who led his brother the President of the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhone in the fall. Ex-coach now official water polo, Armand Mikaelian is one of the few "historical tapistes" prize bond photostat paper Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working of the city. With, of course, the inevitable Marc Fratani, a Corsican Marseille, friend of the late Godfather of Sea Breeze Richard Casanova and intimate the players' agent Jean-Luc Barresi, the brother of one of the great names banditry Coast.

    Bernard Tapie alongside Jean-Claude Gaudin, after the performance of his play One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, in January 2001. Prize Bond result 2013 Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working The businessman he ran for the position of town councilor? "Never means" not yet "," enjoys the mayor of Marseilles.


    Bernard Tapie alongside Jean-Claude Gaudin, Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working after the performance of his play One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, in January 2001. The businessman he ran for the position of town councilor? "Never means" not yet "," Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working enjoys the mayor of Marseilles.
    Bernard Tapie alongside Jean-Claude Gaudin, after the performance of his play "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", in January 2001.


Bernard Tapie alongside Jean-Claude Gaudin, after the performance of his play One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, in January 2001

Credits: SEN / LA PROVENCE / Florian Launette

In recent years, Marc Fratani bored. Since Christmas, Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working that the retiree chaining trips between the mansion of his boss, rue des Saints-Peres in Paris and Marseille, keeping abreast of the bustle of the city, right and left, seeking namely that the national office of the PS, the most criticized his idol. Fratani Marc is the man who sees you get her back. Waterproof mat, suspicious look, it sends messages and small words UMP mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin, to prevent or household, lunch with the "guériniste" Christophe Masse, the new head of the Socialist group in the city council. .. In short, he continues to serve his "Nanard", despite the lack of Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working rewards in return: he still lives in the HLM and Bernard Tapie has cited only once his name in the press. It was in The Point, January 10: "I was recommended Defferre Fratani Marc and I thank him every day. It is good advice."

Tapie I, II Tapie: Marc Fratani has seen it all. Before becoming his driver, his parliamentary assistant and project manager at the Department of the city in 1992, and director of the com OM, the boss had a test unusual. They had a pizza dinner together. In return, Bernard Tapie, usually seated in the front seat - in order to pull the handbrake if necessary, mania - was extended to the back, moaning in agony, intoxicated. Ten days later, he slipped Fratani Marc: "That was chewed., But as I have not seen any Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working of that echo in the press, I hired." Even when Bernard Tapie has left Marseille, Marc Fratani remained the speaker of Parisian journalists - local investigators having tired of his threats - becoming the precious memory of the gesture tapiesque.
To understand what drives the new Citizen Kane, we must return to the 1980s, those where everything was possible - and permits. The mayor of Marseille then called Defferre. "The old lion" invited at Stade Velodrome, a buyer company named Bernard Tapie, including his wife Edmonde Charles-Roux is infatuated and Jacques Séguéla introduced in 1982 to François Mitterrand. The Head of State sees very quickly in this hefty and mocking buffoon, son of former workers in La Courneuve, the man of "civil society" which could both beat the National Front PACA and also the way , preventing Michel Rocard to compete with Europe. The Elysian sphinx, in turn, has attracted the adventurer. Together, they fly jet in Marseilles. François Mitterrand is the only man, said Tapie, who had Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working once bluffed.

Defferre tells how, when he was interior minister, had greeted the kids offenders specialized center he had visited in the Paris region: "You know, sir, you are the mayor of Olympique de Marseille! " Defferre savored without the apostrophe correct, the angels, filled, reported in 1989 the journalist Serge Raffy picaresque in a book, Children of Gaston: "That day, Bernard Tapie may believe that the mayor of Marseilles has to issue a coded message.'s mayor through football, and vice versa. "

"Nanard" takes the OM in 1986, the stage transforms gray nightmare temple of modern football, the spectacle of the magnificent "papinades" on a giant screen, and under the lasers, filled the bleachers too often left: "He is who gave us subscriptions made and reopen the turn south, "said Rachid Zeroual, vice president of South Winners first supporters club. The city is dreaming again. All Marseille over 25 or 30 years remember the day in 1993 when the OM pulls the European Cup with a head Basile Boli, Bernard Tapie has "bought" in Auxerre. Marseille win that Paris could never win. Great jubilation popular pride that reflects on the honor of dressing the Velodrome and VIPs. Bernard Tapie has made the stage creep.

Political journalists are like their counterparts in sports tu man who gives them turn pats on the back and yelling like dogs, but to which they always return. Atmosphere big words, culture dressing: it will one day tell the fascination has always been the boss of the OM on the male. Until the climax, the collision of two super-virility French: the famous face-to-face televised Tapie - Le Pen, in July 1989, the physical victory of left-wing populism, young and strong, a right-wing populism , fleshy and older.

This is the problem with Bernard Tapie: it forces you to revisit periods rather forget, it requires to tell the vagaries of "buddies before." It was hard to believe today, even with the yellowed sheet under the eyes. On 26 January 1989, a few months before the famous duel against Le Pen, a full page of Provençal, ancestor of Provence, a small band wishes a happy birthday darling of François Mitterrand. Around a photo of their idol kissing his wife, personalities chose to celebrate 46 years who will be elected three days later in Parliament. A maneuver, Jean-Louis Levreau both editor of the newspaper (then headed by Ivan Levaï) and director of the OM. In a tiny corner of a quiet square "Advertisement".

Can we ask for more than three days a second round? There is all mitterrandie 1980s, mixing left caviar, intellectuals and folk heroes - as Jean Roucas comedians, actors like Pierre Arditi, writers like Françoise Sagan, such players Alain Giresse, Jean-Pierre Papin and Gérard Gili but Bernard-Henri Lévy, in person and ... journalists, such as Jean-François Kahn and Anne Sinclair. "With our friendship", they signed under the photo of the couple Tapie. For them, it is the herald of racism. The European Parliament in June 1994, he meets his Christmas list Mamère environmentalist, feminist Antoinette Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working Fouque and future Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira. Journalists Thomas Legrand, Gilles Perez Emmanuel Forgery and have not yet revealed in The Right Hand of God, electoral and financial agreements forged by Bernard Tapie with the National Front. "We are so confident that the mayor will go to Tapie," remembers a running mate.

Elected handily General Counsel of the district of Belle-de-Mai - where today wrote another series, "Plus belle la vie" - Bernard Tapie is already sees. "Marseille has a nice ass, but there are not many who come to kiss. Here, people need a mac. What they like is" I love you, I want "" brags he then. Only the singer Renaud, yet fan OM, sings background accordion: "Y is the proud, pebronnasse Oh, Good Mother, this is a estrasse! MeFi! Trains stop a few times to Baumettes . [...] As soon as he will be champion, he wants it pébron, replace Gaston. It's not a question of con fatche! "

THIS WILL NOT Baumettes, but the jail of Luynes, Aix-en-Provence and was decided by the UMP mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin, "who wanted Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working to know his enemy out of the city and had given his instructions, "said a magistrate today under the condition of anonymity. He has already been in trouble with the courts of commerce, it will be further appointment with justice, as the recent case Lagarde Crédit Lyonnais. This time, found guilty of corruption in the case of VA-OM, which offers fake match victory against Valenciennes Marseille in 1993, he spent 165 days behind bars. Dominique, his wife visits him every day at 17 hours. Marc is also a faithful Fratani the parlor. The day Bernard Tapie out of prison, he manages to enter his cell dépunaise few religious pictures on the wall and slipped into an envelope, like so many relics of his martyrdom: "There has never been able to" breath Marc Fratani. This time, Bernard Tapie guard "a Christ who does [the] left over" and swore to his wife that it does not resume: "Politics is finished. Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working"

"The nice thing is that the Tapie in 1995 has the same head as the 2013," said Armand Mikaelian. Only a few details have changed: the strange hair dye red highlights when the sun or neon some attention, maybe some botox injections, Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working which are the years 2010 that the UV were the "winners" of the year 1980, and the heart of the businessman, spent Mitterrand Sarkozy. But invisible, stuck at the bottom of the belly, an evil that nearly twenty years torments: revenge.

"Tapie wants revenge on the political Marseille. You've fucked in jail? Well, you see," says the lawyer Michel Pezet, former head of the "Federal" Socialist Bouches-du-Rhône and opponent irreducible parachuted Mitterrand. "Tapie, the Count of Monte Cristo who finds Marseille after more than ten years in the Chateau d'If," Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working says a autre.Le communication officer of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille talks like a cop which seeks to solve a case. "What is the motive?" Asked Lawrence Carenzo on a terrace of the Old Port, turning in all directions the "very good" case of the redemption of group newspapers Hersant. In the 1980s, Lawrence Carenzo was part of a small club, "the Chieurs Tuesday," which advised Bernard Tapie. It was one of those journalists for him have crossed the Rubicon and do not doubt for a moment that they would carry - at least - for mayor of Marseille. Now he sees his old love back to where it was installed without being sure what that may entail. Provence, simple tool to make Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working and unmake kings? Or Trojan horse to steal the city?

"What I'm going to piss me off to sign and signature, to 70 years, sweeps Bernard Tapie. I do theater, cinema ... To those who say" you want the mayor, "I reply "You do not need Tapie as mayor, but as a promoter, such as public relations, Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working press secretary, ambassador ..." And then my wife did not want to. She knows that the same causes produce the same effects. After forty-two years of marriage, it would be a shame to leave. We want to lead a good life. " Their new home is the house they come to buy nearly 50 million euros to the heiress Catherine Schneider, fifth wife of Roger Vadim in Saint-Tropez. Two acres of parkland overlooking the city with direct access to the beach Graniers at the foot of the southern slopes of the Citadel. "My house du Midi", "my pied-à-terre near Toulon," Bernard Tapie slips over the interviews, with a discretion as an electoral unusual. Passport to the sun, already singing on vinyl in 1966, Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working Bernard Tapy, who had anglicized his name to the scene. Rear or base?

"Bernard has always thought that after his fate was in the South," said the friend of twenty years Jean-Noël Tamp, former editor of La Marseillaise became patron of RMC, as Bernard Tapie's past mitterrandisme to sarkozysme a small sentence Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working in the Angolagate - this vast arms-trading case in the 1990s - and more. With Brice Hortefeux and others, Jean-Noël Tamp advises and encourages from Paris in this return to the South. "Tapie sticks so well to this fucking town ... sigh historian Jean Marseille Contrucci. Reign of Henry IV, the city was thrown into the arms of Charles de Casaulx, who had created a republic and that had been murdered. Marseille has a genetic propensity to put the glue with the thugs. She loves big mouths. " The bullies, the brawlers, bitterns, scramblers too. "We put his name on the table and it plays. Poker as it is", says the boss of The Angels Share, a restaurant in the city center. Will, will not, for whom, for what, to whom or what behind ... Bernard Tapie is all menu bars, lately. "La Provence, nobody reads it. It's Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working not like in Gaston ..." reassures one. "I will seek political asylum in Aubagne," warns another. "Tapie, he plays the violin. The only problem is that it plays better than the other, is concerned a third. This man is Faust. Policies because they are afraid ment also itself. " And last, fatalistic: "Anyway, policies, here is like pizza. Anchovies Half and half cheese."

Return Tapie rejuvenates everyone. Jean Kéhayan returned to service: "In bars, also means: he paid Tapie, he made the jail, and then we have made the European Cup, we will not do shit all his life, "sighs co-author of Street Proletarian red, bestseller written in 1978, back in the USSR, which had so shaken the French Communist apparatus. "Tapie is a quarter of Sarko, fourth Berlusconi, Putin quarter over quarter Depardieu," repeats the trestle trestles journalist became president of the Press Club of Marseilles. "I only know one thing, that with him all things are possible. Look, this guy is a magician. There is no policy and everyone is for him," the old fun UMP Muselier, beat last May in his constituency too happy with the deluge that swept after him.

A one-year municipal arrival of Bernard Tapie La Provence sow panic among black headliners of the city. Is it because Bernard Tapie despise Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working as much as journalists? "It's simple, they are in their pants", elegantly welcomes a "tapiste." Too lucid to not understand that with a 73-year incumbent mayor and left marred by rigging markets case of waste from the city of Marseille, Canebière can offer the candidate ghost. "We can not do politics in Marseille ignoring Tapie," admits Bruno Senator UMP Gilles.

"Never means" not yet "," launched the first Mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin. "This is a war of nerves" doe Muselier. Only the Socialist primary candidate Patrick Mennucci sounded the bugle and called for the opening of a parliamentary Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working inquiry into the purchase of securities Hersant - in vain. The other concern you have carefully. What good is a year before the elections, to alienate the only newspaper that counts in Marseille? In Provence, "I prefer a French rather than Emir of Qatar or Belgian, even if it's in fashion," welcomed Jean-Claude Gaudin, smart. "I trust Bernard Tapie who always told me that his first priority, it was the job," added, despite its wry eye peritonitis, general chairman Jean-Noel Guerini, in its wishes to the press. Bernard Tapie and he is called. "Guerin never admit it but he is very happy to have found more pariah than him. Seeing as outmanoeuvre Mennucci and Carlotti," rivals: this is what is say Marseille in Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working the evening aperitif.

AMONG THE SOCIALIST Bernard Tapie was still a fan, the only one to call "the boss." Deputy of the Minister Marie-Arlette Carlotti, Avi Assouly became Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working a member when it came to government. Former sports commentator matches OM on local Radio France, was elected split after the announcement of the resumption of La Provence a text message to Bernard Tapie: "Boss, what you say , you'll be elected in 2014. I know this is your destiny. You can not escape his destiny. " "Tapie has saved my life Furiani, when the stage collapsed, says Avi Assouly. I had thrown a white Prize Bond Schedule 2013 | Progamas Para Descargar Musica | Internet Explorer has stop working sheet over the body when he urged me to transfer to Marseille. Without him, I 'd be dead. "

Nothing is simple, really, with "Nanard." Neither left nor right, Stade Velodrome-. Neither right nor left, Marseille. Neither left nor right, Bernard Tapie. City, half amnesia, forget the record to remember the man. "I've always had a sort of attraction to guys a little borderline, confided Nemir, OM fan and promising young French rap So in football, January 25. If it succeeds [...] in mayor of Marseille, so much the better for him. Anyway, it gives light on the city. " Edmonde Charles-Roux, the widow of Defferre, phoned February 4: "To encourage and tease him a little. Lot of people look forward to. Leaving him a chance," she said. According to Bernard Tapie, Dominique, his wife, "by Wept".

"We've forgotten, but it is the only policy to have the luxury to campaign without his name on the posters," said Patrick Rué, leader of FO, the union without which no king can be crowned in Marseille . A slogan, a picture and voila, thanks to the TV, the best thing for pretty faces and talkers. "I'm in the minds of people for twenty-five years," smiled Bernard Tapie. Once elected, in 1989, he had installed a TV antenna to Vaufrèges at the exit of the city, where Marseilles were private network. Operation extravaganza with helicopter to drop the tower. "And with my money," he recalls. Upon his release from prison in 1997, he was again in the post with a video shot along with Doc Gyneco "Hey fonblard I Nanard date with ..." sang rapper at the bottom of a car . And Bernard Tapie, driving under a cap chauffeur: "Touched but not sunk ..."

Bernard Tapie started life selling televisions. He left on loan to individuals, under the pretext of a survey of programs, and then returned the offer for sale of 75% of the price. Marketing cam: create the missing spare the suspense and make desired ... After years of ostracism, teaser entire city: and it was so - so - the revenge of Bernard Tapie? Before Christmas, on the set of i-TV, where they urged him to swear that he "would not" at the Hotel de Ville, he replied with another question: "Whatever my answer, that is it that prevent me one day change your mind? " In this mid-February, more mysterious, greedy and menacing as he warns: "Do not worry. Policies Marseille, I will not disappoint them."